The Monday Musical Series — Magic Tree House: the Musical

The Monday Musical series is a weekly feature on the blog each Monday.  It details the musical we listened to the previous week, along with any additional resources we used or go-along activities we completed.  

Rationale and Goals:
I decided to start listening to musicals with Luke (age 4) and Lilah (age 2) because they LOVE music and they LOVE stories, so musicals combine the best of both worlds.  I think it’s never too early to start developing “well-roundedness” and a little culture.  Plus, I think in addition to giving them an appreciation for music, it will also help increase their listening attention spans and comprehension.  Not to mention, I personally haven’t listened to very many musicals myself, so it’ll be educational for me as well.  

My goal is to listen to a new musical with the kids each week.  We probably won’t listen to the full musical every day during the week, but the plan is to hear it at least a few times so that it starts to become familiar.  While we will sometimes do other activities along with the musical, our main goal will really be just to listen.  I am honestly really looking forward to our musical adventures to come! 🙂

For week #2, we listened to Magic Tree House: the Musical.  

This is a musical we have listened to several times before because L&L *love* the Magic Tree House book series so much.  This musical is based on the books by Mary Pope Osborne, and was originally released in 2007.  L&L ask for the “Jack and Annie” books and music quite often!

Introducing the Musical:
Again this week, I didn’t do much of an introduction to the music other than to tell L&L what I was about to play for them.  They actually begged me to listen to Cats again, but I convinced them to try something different for the day.  Even though I intended the music to mostly be “background noise” during their play, I found that they mostly paid attention to the music, occasionally asking questions about what they were hearing.

The Rest of the Week:
We listened to the musical a few more times during the week, roughly once per day.  We also started reading books from the Magic Tree House series again.  You can see my post on reading these chapter books with preschoolers here.  We started reading them when Luke was almost 3 and Lilah was around 18 months, and now with Luke at 4-1/4 and Lilah approaching 3, they still love them just as much!

Favorite Song:
L&L’s favorite song of the lot is probably, “How Far Can You See?”  They like the talking and singing mix, and we find it’s a great opening song for the musical.  I have to say though that we all really like this whole album.  Even though it is kid-friendly, it is definitely not too dull or annoying for adults to enjoy as well!

Future Plans:

  • We will continue to read Magic Tree House books!  
  • While we’ll be moving on to other musicals, we’ll still play this one occasionally and as requested. 🙂

Stay tuned for next week’s featured musical: 
Original Broadway Cast Recording

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  • Kara says:

    I had no idea magic treehouse had a musical, must try it, thanks!

  • Sarah Greek says:

    Have you thought about “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” ? Great musical for kids. Also, I LOVE this idea of introducing musicals!

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