Toilet Paper Heart Stamping

This was a lot of fun!

Here’s what we did:

  1. Bend/fold an empty toilet paper tube into a heart shape.  Ours stayed without being taped or anything, but you might try that if yours doesn’t stay.
  2. Dip in paint and stamp on paper.  We used red Crayola washable tempera paint squirted onto a clean plastic lid (from a 32 oz. yogurt container).  I buy it in a 3-pack of primary colors with a coupon from Michael’s.

Easy peasy!

Other Ideas and Extensions:
You could use this technique for so many different projects–Valentine’s cards, art for a photo frame, a decorative Valentine’s mailbox, on canvas as a gift for a grandparent, as a border for some hand or footprint art…

You could do one color of paint or put out several colors.  You could use white or colored paper.  You could make one heart stamp or several…they’d each be a bit unique.

I posted this on Facebook and one reader said she put out white and red paint so that some of the hearts eventually mixed to make pink.  I thought that was a cute idea.  You could also do red and blue to make purple. 🙂

We did this project yesterday, and I did something a little romantic/cheesy with ours.  Since DH was leaving on a business trip today for a few nights, I planned to have the kids make surprise cards to hide in his suitcase, but it just didn’t happen.  So instead I cut out those three hearts that are bunched together on the bottom left of Luke’s paper, and wrote my name and L&L’s names, one in each heart.  Then across the bottom, I wrote “Our hearts are with you wherever you go!”, folded it up, and tucked it into his wallet. 🙂

Here’s the pin on Pinterest where I first saw this idea.  Thanks for sharing, Rust & Sunshine!  I also saw this pin which made stars in addition to hearts out of empty toilet paper rolls.  We might try to make some other shapes next time we do this.  Thanks for sharing, Tot School! 🙂

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<3 Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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