An Introduction to US Geography for Little Kids

My two young children (ages 3.5 and 5) have shown a big interest in learning about geography.  As a former public school teacher, I know that kids don’t officially learn about the U.S. until around 5th grade.  However, I figure it’s never too early to start teaching your children about the world in which they live.  If my kids are interested, I’m going to teach them!  We’ve been having so much fun playing and learning geography, that I’m turning this into a whole series: An Introduction to US Geography for Little Kids!  

us geography for little kids

An Introduction to US Geography for Little Kids

This page will be the landing page for all posts in the series, so be sure to bookmark or pin it for future reference!  

1. Teaching US Geography with Puzzles — The first post in the series! Tells all about how we are using puzzles to play and learn the states. Gives teaching suggestions for using the puzzles, and shares a few of our favorite US map puzzles!

2. American Flag Easel Painting — A hands-on way to learn about our nation’s flag!  You’ll possibly get frame-worthy art out of this activity as well!  This was a big favorite in our house. 


We hope you’ll follow along with us and that this series will be helpful to you at home or in your classroom!  The goal isn’t for the kids to learn everything there is to know about the U.S, but rather to be exposed to a vast deal of information while following their interests.  This helps to build their background knowledge and get them interested in learning in general, in hopes of making future learning easier for them!

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Genny Upton

A former teacher turned stay at home mom to two preschool aged children. Creator (and writer) at In Lieu of Preschool and Parent Teach Play. Currently publishing my first children's picture book!

  • Terri says:

    Awesome! I love this idea! I have never felt that schools taught enough geography, so it’s become my passion to teach my girls that myself. I’m excited about this series!

  • iGameMom says:

    Can’t wait! I am very interested in this topic, probably because I had never been very good at it 🙂

  • I’m sure I will follow you! I love geography and I am very curious!

  • says:

    The first week of May in my classroom our theme will be “Where We Live.” My plan is to focus on our town but also the United States! I’d love some insight on some things I could do!

    We did a Valentine Exchange with Preschools all over the world and every time we got Card I put the map on the SmartBoard and showed the kids where the schools were they were so excited to see the map and the different states! I know they will love this unit and I’m so excited to share it with them!

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  • Wonderful idea for a series! My son has been interested in world geography, so we have a big children’s map of the world on the wall of his room that we can go to anytime we read or talk about another country. But I’d like to get him learning about the US as well, so I’ll be following along for sure.

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  • Melissa says:

    This is awesome! I never remember being taught geography and as a result, my geography is a little sketchy (though I can read maps well). We plan to homeschool so I feel like this will be something I’ll work on being able to cover with them (as well as educate myself!)

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  • Maria says:

    Very interesting, my kids love geography and they are very interested to learn. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Lorenzo says:

    Geography is good for kids, I am really sure that my son will love this.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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