Valentine’s Day Fun for Kids in the Bath

Welcome to Valentine’s Bath Week!!  
Valentine's Day Fun for Kids in the Bath

We hope you are enjoying all the fun bath times shared so far!  Today we want to share with you some more Valentine’s Day fun for kids in the bath: A Candy Hearts Writing Activity!

Valentine's Day Fun for Kids in the Bath

The idea behind this Valentine’s activity for kids is for them to give them a little reading, writing, and matching practice!

I set up the fun bath for my two preschool-aged children by tracing foam hearts on the walls around the tub using bath crayons.  Inside the hearts, I wrote short words and phrases, very similar to the candy hearts you can buy around Valentine’s Day.  On foam hearts I purchased at Michael’s for 40% off, I copied all the words I had written on the bath tub wall, and floated them in the bath tub water which I dyed a bluish-purple using just a little red and blue food coloring.

Valentine's Day Fun for Kids in the Bath

The kids had fun hunting for just the right candy heart in the water.  Then they used the bath crayons to trace the letters I had written.  

For Lilah who’s 3, I’d help her name the letters and tell her the word at the end.  

Valentine's Day Fun for Kids in the Bath

Valentine's Day Fun for Kids in the Bath

For Luke who’s almost 5, I’d help him with the word at the end if he wasn’t able to figure it out on his own, but he already knew or could figure out the majority of them. 🙂

Once the word was written, the kids looked for the match on the wall.  Foam sticks to the walls of the bath like a sticker when it’s wet, so they just pressed the matching heart on top of the drawn heart. 

Lilah double-checked a few of Luke’s to make sure he had done it correctly which I thought was cute!

The kids had fun writing all the words on the hearts…

and finding their match on the walls…

When we finished the writing and matching, the kids took turns finding a word I’d call out.  Luke also practiced reading some of the candy hearts on his own.

When it was time to clean-up, the kids happily used cloths to wash the walls of the tub.

Both of my preschoolers really enjoyed the Candy Hearts Writing activity!

Valentine's Day Fun for Kids in the Bath
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Valentine's Day Fun for Kids in the Bath Valentine's Day Fun for Kids in the Bath 

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  • I really like the hearts drawn with bath crayons to match the foam hearts to. Great idea!

  • Thanks, Jessica! The kids loved it. 🙂

  • I Love it! My kiddos would have a blast I will be trying this one soon!! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Anonymous says:

    This is a very creative and awesome idea. For Non-stick bathroom walls, use a window that is safe to reach and dip or spray the foam hearts with a bit of water, just enough to stick. use bath crayons which will be easy to clean off window as well. 🙂

  • Maria says:

    Looks like the kids have fun, great idea for my kids. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lorenzo says:

    Its more fun to teach kids fun activity because of their curiosity. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

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