Water Table Fishing

The kids were needing something new to do this afternoon, so having recently been looking at all my boards and pins on Pinterest (a virtual pinboard website, which is my new love by the way), we came up with water table fishing — inspired by this pin! (There’s actually a whole blog post associated with the picture, but I didn’t read that beforehand…just used the picture for inspiration!)

Water Table Fishing was quick and easy to make — we had everything already! I used some colored sheets meant for the overhead from Avcom leftover from my teacher days to draw fish shapes on with a dry erase marker. (That way I could practice a few times if needed–it was!–and also erase my lines once I cut the fish out.) Then I added a metal paperclip to the mouth area of each fish.

The fish float on top of the water!  I think you could probably use any kind of plastic for this — perhaps even some old food containers (like maybe the lid from one of those clear plastic rectangular salad greens containers or the side of a milk jug — and you or the kids could color it with permanent markers if you wanted it to be more fun looking!).  Be creative!!

Then I needed to create fishing poles. I grabbed some twine from the garage and found two magnets in my office. I hot glued the twine to one side of the magnet. For poles, I pulled out some wooden chopsticks — the disposable kind you get at Asian restaurants that I always save for reuse.  I tied the twine in a couple of knots on one end of the chopstick.

Then we went out to our water table. (Ha ha!)

I laugh because right now we are waiting for DH to make us a water table. So, while we wait, we have a clear tote that sits on top of a smaller blue tote turned upside down as a base.  It works okay and is a great option for a DIY one if you don’t have one. It’s easy to fill and empty and you can always disassemble it and put it away when not in use if you don’t have the space to always have a water table out.

Of course, you could also do this activity with water in a bowl, bucket, cookie sheet, or baby pool.  You could even go fishing on dry land — no water needed!  You could make some “water” using construction paper or blue material.

Here are some pictures of our fun. Obviously we need to work on the proper way to hold a fishing pole! lol

This is catch-and-release fishing!! 🙂

L&L had a blast fishing and they were excited to show Dad when he got home.  Maybe this’ll be a little motivation for him to get to work on our more permanent water table.  Hey, a girl can hope, right? 😉

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