Week One of the 100 Acts of Kindness Project

I found out yesterday about a really neat challenge hosted by Toddler Approved: The 100 Acts of Kindness Project.  To learn more, check out yesterday’s blog post here.

This week’s challenge is to make and give out 5 thank you cards to people you’ve never thought to thank before.  We got started using the ideas in Toddler Approved‘s post here.

L&L did one “thanks” card a piece, and so did an almost 2-year-old boy who was visiting with us, so we’ve done 3 cards so far. 

First I printed the “Thanks” template from the Toddler Approved blog.  Then I squirted a little bit of tempera paint into a plastic container lid (I save them for use when painting) and gave the kids each a pencil.  I showed them how to dip the eraser into the paint and then try to fill in the dots on the letters.  I let them paint using only the white paper.  When it was dry, I cut it out a little closer and glued it onto cardstock/construction paper for them while they were napping.

Here are their cards:

The almost 2yo little boy’s is the green one on top (completed with help), 3yo Luke’s is the blue one in the middle (completed independently), and 2yo Lilah’s is the red one on the bottom (completed independently).

I titled the ones that weren’t completely obvious with the word “Thanks” in quotes under the art, just in case the recipient wasn’t able to immediately make out what it said!  I thought it gave it an art gallery sort of style anyway. 🙂

We haven’t figured out who these are going to yet, but at least we’ve gotten started!  We’ll probably make a few more tonight or tomorrow to reach our goal of at least 5 this week! 🙂

Are you participating in this week’s challenge?

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