We’ve been busy! Come see!

I haven’t posted in awhile, but we’ve been busy!  I’ve created a Montessori-inspired shelf of activities downstairs for the kids and we have “finished” our office/school room upstairs, but I still don’t have pictures of either of those areas yet!  They are definitely coming soon though!

In the meantime, here are some things we’ve been doing that I *do* have pictures of:

We made rainbow music and movement rings.  These are just made with metal rings from Michael’s and grosgrain ribbon, and are great fun for shaking around to music or holding onto while running.

Luke has enjoyed a math game we bought from Kid-to-Kid, a consignment shop.

We also found this felt set at Kid-to-Kid for $3.99 and it has been a huge hit with both kids!  The felt board has Finding Nemo scenes on one side and Toy Story 2 on the other.

Both kids have really enjoyed some megaphones I found at Michael’s for $0.49/each.  We sing songs, do some general loud talking, and also recite nursery rhymes using them.

We hung their Crayola Twistables Slick Stix artwork in our Walmart-purchased art-storage frames in the kitchen (top left and bottom right).

And we’ve been using some of our classic Montessori works that we’ve picked up here and there from ebay and Craigslist.

 Luke working on the 3rd box of the color tablets.  (You can make these at home using paint sample chips.)

 Lilah counting on the abacus.

 L&L working together on the 2nd color tablets box.

Luke with the finished color tablets box #2.

Lilah has finally developed a love of reading.  I was worried when the first year and a half plus of her life, her motive in life seemed to be to seek and destroy all books.  Here she’s reading a High Five magazine, but her real favorite is her brother’s Leapfrog Tag reader.

We found these really neat, kid-friendly chopsticks at Target (~$15, but cheaper on Amazon), along with this great chip and dip dish in the Target dollar section and invented a game with some marbles we already owned.

 We came up with a few versions.  In one version, you put all the marbles in the center section and everyone races to get as many marbles as possible into their section until all the marbles are gone.  In another version, everyone has to collect marbles from the center that match the color of the chopsticks they’re using.

 Lilah didn’t play with us, but Luke was actually surprisingly good at picking up the marbles with the chopsticks.  If marbles are too difficult, try cotton balls or pom-poms!

We spent a little while finger painting one morning.  Good thing I thought to take their clothes off beforehand, because one little girl decided it could also be used for body paint!!

We painted with water colors.

And we made rainy day snacks today.

This is only the portion of what we’ve done that I happened to have the camera out and ready to snap shots of, but there has been so much more!  I’ll try to check in again soon with more of what we’ve been up to.

What have YOU been up to?

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