What I Should Have Written in My Baby Book…Part Three

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I have been posting the funny, crazy, heartwarming, and witty things my kids say and do on my Facebook page for a long time as a way for me not to forget them, since I never really got into making them baby books and I don’t scrapbook.  The problem is they get buried along the way with no good way of going back through them, so I thought I’d capture some of the best ones here to better preserve them for myself as well as hopefully share a laugh or a heartwarming moment with you.

Here is what I should have written in my baby book…


While watching the London Olympics with my princess-loving almost-3-year-old, they featured a short clip of Queen Elizabeth.  She looked quite stately with her stark white hair and luxurious white fur coat.  I said, “Look, Lilah, there’s the queen!”  She replied with wide eyes, “Is that Snow White?” — August 10, 2012


I got off the phone a few minutes ago and let out a little high-pitched squeal of excitement.  Luke immediately said, “Hey, let’s listen to the Phantom!” 

Maybe I missed my calling in opera! — August 1, 2012


Luke: Can I play with the Lorax sensory bin in the front room?
Me: Look around you. You see all the toys that are out? What do you think needs to happen first?
Luke: I said can I play in the front room…that room is clean! –July 30, 2012


Sorry…this is definitely TMI, but such a funny conversation for a 3 and 4 year old to have:

Luke, 4, was already using the downstairs bathroom when Lilah, 2, loudly announced, “I have to go poop!”  She went to the bathroom only to discover Luke already using it.  She told Luke her predicament, and he replied, “Well, you’ll have to go poop upstairs.  Don’t forget to turn on the fan…it’s the very last switch.” –August 2, 2012


When visiting my parents who live in the “country,” Luke has always enjoyed riding all the various trucks, four-wheelers, and tractors my Dad has.  While riding around in one particular truck, my four-year-old-who-asks-a-million-questions asked his granddad what this particular truck was for.  Granddaddy replied, “It’s my hunting truck.”  Next, Luke asked, “What do you hunt?”  Granddaddy said, “Oh, I hunt deer…and bears…and birds.”  Luke was quiet for awhile and then he said, “You shouldn’t hunt birds.  They sing.”  –September 3, 2012


Last Christmas I spent a lot of time with the kids reading to them the Christmas story from the Bible, talking to them about the nativity, and letting them have some hands-on play time with a few nativity play sets we owned.  Imagine my shock and embarrassment, coupled with the maniacal desire to laugh out loud at the situation as viewed through a child’s eyes, when in the checkout line at a store my then 2 year old, with eyes open wide in amazement, points to a woman dressed in traditional Muslim clothing and loudly asks, “Mommy!  Is that MARY?!?!”  — December 2011


Luke, 4: What’s that stinky smell?
Dad: Probably those cows over there.
Luke: Why do cows smell?
Lilah, 3: Because they poop! — August 2012

Lilah, 2, watched the USA Olympic gymnastics team being awarded their gold medals with a blanket robe around her shoulders and her hand on her heart while the National Anthem played.  On the ending note, she threw up both arms and waved at the crowds!  — August 2, 2012

Dad: You’ve got this in the bag.
Luke, 4: What bag??? — August 2012

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