What I Should Have Written in My Baby Book… (Part Two)

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what I should have written in my baby book

I have been posting the funny, crazy, heartwarming, and witty things my kids say and do on my In Lieu of Preschool Facebook page for a long time as a way for me not to forget them, since I never really got into making them baby books and I don’t scrapbook.  The problem is they get buried along the way with no good way of going back through them, so I thought I’d capture some of the best ones here to better preserve them for myself as well as hopefully share a laugh or a heartwarming moment with you.

Here is what I should have written in my baby book…


Things you do not want to hear from your 4-year-old son: “I tried to go standing up, but it didn’t go so good.”  –July 12, 2012


Luke just drew a picture and then asked for scissors.  He cut his drawing into 4 pieces…one for each of us.


Lilah just asked me, “Is it summery out?”  I guess I am ever the reading teacher, because it took me the longest time to comprehend what she meant.  All I could think was, “Is it summary out?” –July 16, 2012


We went to Disney today, and the first thing we did was take Lilah to meet the princesses.  Watching her with Rapunzel, Belle, and Cinderella was my favorite part of the day, and maybe the whole vacation; it was just so magical!  The best part was when Cinderella bent down to talk to Lilah, and Lilah leaned forward and said, “You’re my favorite!” –July 20, 2012


After walking on the beach at sunset in our wet bathing suits one evening, Luke complained that it had rubbed his legs and they hurt.  The next night around sunset we mentioned walking on the beach again.  Luke immediately started yelling, “I am not going down there again.  I rawed!!!” –July 25, 2012


On vacation we were playing a racing game in the pool that my dad made up where two people attempted to move their toy boat down to the other end of the pool the fastest using only a water gun.  DH was one of the contestants and when the race got heated, he stood up to shoot his water gun which my dad declared was against the rules.  A brief, friendly argument ensued between the two of them until Luke (age 4) interrupted loudly, “Dad, you broke the rules.  It’s not debatable!” –July 25, 2012


While on vacation, we stopped one morning for breakfast at McDonald’s.  L&L normally get plain hotcakes there on the rare occasion we go, but Lilah (age 2) said she wanted oatmeal this time.  When it came, she wouldn’t eat it.  She finally opened her mouth to take a bite I spoon-fed her, but then she spit it projectile-style all over my arm.  Before I could even open my mouth to reprimand her for such terrible table manners, she said, “I *realize* I should have ordered pancakes!” –July 28, 2012


I absolutely loved watching Lilah doing her own jumps and flips while watching the gymnastics portion of the Olympics tonight!  I really need to get her into a gym and/or dance class! –July 29, 2012


When Luke had just started picking out his own clothes, some days his outfits were pretty good and some days his outfits were not so good.  One day he came up to me wearing a burnt orange T-shirt and shiny orange-in-a-different-shade athletic shorts.  It looked terrible!  I bent down and in my kindest voice said, “Luke, I love the fact that you picked this out and got dressed all by yourself.  That is so awesome!  But even though sometimes two pieces of clothing are the same color, it doesn’t always mean they match or look good together.”  Luke looked down at what he was wearing and replied, “Dad picked this out for me.” 🙂 –a memory

What is your funniest or sweetest 
memory of your child?

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  • Those are all sweet, when I read the title I was instantly taken back to last night where I was picking out the pics for my little dude’s scrapbook. I take a picture each month, with him standing beside the #… some months he’s more willing than others and I was tempted to put some of the ones with him screaming and crying in the scrapbook 🙂

  • Lindsay says:

    The last one made me laugh aloud!! I loved the Cinderella story!

  • My husband can’t pick out clothes for our kids to wear that look good either. ROFL

  • GianneCurry says:

    Love it!! So many cute ideas and so little time!! I just did your cloud dough and got lots of giggles and pretend play out of it!! Thanks!
    Check it out-
    Gianne at cowsgomooandducksgoquack.blogspot.com

  • toria2316 says:

    Its not debatable!!! Bahhahahahaha!!!! So cute!

  • Jules says:

    I absolutely loved this!!! Particularly the orange outfit post! Thank you for sharing! <3

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