Why I Love All About Reading’s Pre-Reading Program for Preschoolers #giveaway

We have been using the pre-reading level of All About Reading for several weeks now and we LOVE it!  I spent a lot of time researching before I chose this program and as a former elementary and reading teacher turned mom to two preschoolers, I really can’t say enough good things about it — it’s fun, the kids love it, they’re learning, the kids love it, everything is laid out and ready to go for me, and did I mention the kids love it???  If you don’t believe me, just look at how much they love the Ziggy the Zebra puppet who comes along with the Pre-Reading Deluxe Package:


Seriously, my kids quit smiling for the camera long ago, but with Ziggy around, they can’t help themselves.  And Ziggy is helping them to learn their letters, sounds, and all about rhyming!  I wonder how much he charges for babysitting?

Ok, it’s obvious my kids and I *love* AAR!  So just try to imagine my excitement when I found out today that I get to host a giveaway for an All About Reading Pre-Reading Deluxe Package for one of my readers!!  If I get any sleep at all tonight, it will be nothing short of a miracle.  So. much. excitement.

So, what does an All About Reading Pre-Reading Deluxe Package contain?  Everything!  Yep, you can view it all right here on the AAR website, and you can see my post about the contents of the program in my post, “A Pre-reading Curriculum for Preschool.”

And what does the program look like?  On a basic level, the AAR Pre-reading program (formerly called Level Pre-1) is a letter of the day type of program, but really it’s a lot more than that.  Two of the main benefits of the program that make it stand out in my eyes are that it includes a phonological awareness segment with each lesson (As a reading teacher, just let me tell you this is HUGE!), and from a convenience standpoint, everything is basically pull-out-of-the-bag and go!  There’s no printing, cutting, laminating, or planning to do on your part.  Once you get the rhythm of the lessons down, you probably won’t even need to look at the lesson beforehand.  I’m not kidding.  Click here to see “A Day with All About Reading” where we tackle the letter F! 

Are you as excited as I am yet???  Now, on to the giveaway!

One lucky reader will be randomly selected to receive an All About Reading Pre-Reading DELUXE Package from All About Learning Press.  The giveaway will run for roughly two weeks and the winner will be chosen randomly using Rafflecopter.  Only US and Canadian addresses are eligible to enter.  The only mandatory entry is easy and no-hassle; simply hit enter.  If you have more time, there are multiple other ways to enter which will increase your chances of winning, and some of them can be repeated daily for even more entries.  The winner will be selected within 48 hours of the end of the giveaway, and the winner’s name will be posted here and contacted via email.  Please add inlieuofpreschool (at) gmail (dot) com to your contact list so that the potential winning email doesn’t end up in your spam folder.  The winner will have 48 hours to reply with their mailing address before a new winner is selected.  Best of luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you just can’t wait to see if you won or if you want to get started with this program now, visit the All About Learning Press website to purchase.  There are 78 lessons in the pre-reading program, so it works out to around $1/lesson for the basic package and $1.50/lesson for the deluxe package.  If you have more than one child who will use the program that helps even more to justify the cost, and you only need to purchase extra copies of the student activity book, “My Book of Letters.”  When you finish with the program, the only part that has been consumed is the “My Book of Letters” book, so everything else is ready to be used with another child!

In other news, I will soon be posting about using All About Reading Level 1 with my oldest.  He is loving the pre-reading program, but is already beginning to read.  I plan to have him continue the pre-reading program along with his younger sister because he loves it and it’s a great review, but I’ll also add in lessons from AAR Level 1 just for him.  I know several readers had asked about it, so I will be happy to share what those lessons “look” like and how we like it once we get into the program a bit. 🙂

If you have any questions about All About Reading, feel free to ask!  And if you have any experience with the program, please share. 🙂

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Genny Upton

A former teacher turned stay at home mom to two preschool aged children. Creator (and writer) at In Lieu of Preschool and Parent Teach Play. Currently publishing my first children's picture book!

  • BeeBaker says:

    I have been looking at this program! I would LOVE to have it!

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    This looks great. I would love to win!

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    my Eman would love this!

  • I absolutely love the layout of this program with the interactive lessons and hands-on approach. I’d love to use it with my 4-year-old!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love AAR! We just started this week with my 5 yr old and have been using AAS for two years with my older daughter. What great programs.

  • jawebbtn says:

    This looks like a great program! NEED to win this!

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  • I think it is great that they use a multisensory approach to learning.

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    Would love to try this with my preschooler

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    I just looked at the AAR website and I think this would be wonderful for both of my girls!

  • I’ve also heard great things about this program. I love how your kiddies are mesmerized by Ziggy. It looks like so much fun, which is always the best way to learn. 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    Wonderful. Would love to win this.

  • Karlee says:

    I have used the All About Reading level 1 with my 4 year old and she loves it. I would love the pre-reading program for my younger daughter.

  • Kate says:

    This is on my to buy list for my son.

  • Debbie L Benoit debbielbenoit@hotmail.com says:

    Love it. Being a dyslexic mom and a mom to one already confirmed dyslexic I am always looking for ways to help my children with reading. This looks fun and organized. i’d love to try it.

  • Donnaquilt says:

    This is a program that is new to me. It looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing the info and hosting the give away.


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    I’ve been on the fence about getting this! My kids would absolutely love Ziggy!

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    I keep going back and forth, but am even going to do this program with my five year old!

  • Jessica says:

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  • Jessica says:

    I have been considering this program for quite awhile, but the price is holding me back (not a lot of spare cash right now), thanks for the great giveaway.

  • This curriculum looks fantastic! Would love to have this to use with our girls!

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    I really want this for my daughter!

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    Would love to use this with my four year old!

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    What a blessing this would be for our family. I have drooled over this curriculum for some time now, but never have the money to buy it. Fingers and toes crossed! I know my son would love it!

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    I purchased it last week but would love to win to give it away!

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    I quit teaching after 10 years to stay home with my now 3 year old son & open an in-home daycare. I would LOVE to win this to use at my daycare. My hope is to be able to keep my son home until Kindergarten as well as the 5 other kiddos I have running around here!!


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    Love it!

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    This looks like an awesome program!

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    I love all the posts you make about learning to read, this contest is super exciting for me.

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    I also, like how it emphasizes sounds! Looks like a good program.

  • I have heard such wonderful things about All About Reading and Spelling. Sounds great and I think my kiddos would benefit greatly. THanks for the giveaway!

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    This looks like it’s perfect for my 31/2 year old

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    Love it!

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    I have been dreaming of getting this for my 3 1/2 year old daughter for months! I would LOVE to win this!

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    We have had our eye on this set for about a year. Really hoping we can get our hands on it soon! My son would gain so much, it’s right up his alley!

  • I have been dying to get this for my 2 youngest!! I also want to try the All About Spelling program! 🙂


  • Michelle says:

    I have been looking at this program for some time. I can’t wait to use with when my 2 year old is ready. I use AAS with my oldest and its going great.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been eyeing this program for my 5 and almost 4 year old. It really looks to be a wonderful program. Thanks! Cris

  • I’d really like to have this for Gus!! He’s about at the age where he could really benefit from it!

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    It would be nice to win this program since I can’t bring myself to spend the money on it to try it out.

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    This would be so great for my 3 year old who wants to learn to read so much right now

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    I would love to try this with my daughter, i think it would be fun. She loves to color and do crafts.

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    I would love to use this with my son!

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    I have been looking at curriculum for my kids and this looks like it would fit in with our plans and schedule..with less work for me 🙂

  • Katie says:

    I have been looking at curriculum for my kids and this looks like it would fit in with our plans and schedule..with less work for me 🙂

  • Katie says:

    I have been looking at curriculum for my kids and this looks like it would fit in with our plans and schedule..with less work for me 🙂

  • Katie says:

    I have been looking at curriculum for my kids and this looks like it would fit in with our plans and schedule..with less work for me 🙂

  • Alison says:

    What a great giveaway! Looks like a wonderful program!!

  • Trisha says:

    We are beginning PreK this fall, this would be great addition!

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    This looks great!!!

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    My son would love this, it looks Awesome!!

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    I have been researching this program and reading reviews, and I’m waiting until I can save up enough to get it for my kids. I love all the methods involved. Thanks for sharing your review (and for this giveaway opportunity)!

  • Brandy says:

    We are using AAR level 1 and as soon as level 2 comes out, we will be using it as well. We actually don’t have a personal need for this level, but I have a friend that could use this for sure. She just started homeschooling her older two children (grades 2 and 1) but has put her youngest in preschool. I know she wants to homeschool him as well and this may be just what she could use with him. Fingers crossed!

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    Love the stuff. More interested in All About Spelling or All About reading level 1 or 2, over pre level personally

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    The All About Learning website looks really good. I wish the prices were a little more reasonable for those of us in a one income family. Would love to win this! Thanks for doing this giveaway.

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    We completed All About Spelling 1 last school year and now I need to purchase All About Spelling 2 to complete our homeschool curriculum for school year 2012-2013. This giveaway could not have come at a better time.

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    starting homeschooling preschool and have two more to go…all 19mos apart, so would love to have this and get much mileage out of it to say the least…plus would enjoy sharing with my preschool homeschool mom friends too!

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    After reading so many AWESOME reviews for AALP and visiting their website, I cannot wait to start this program!! Winning this Pre-Reading package would be GREAT as I have just started homeschooling my pre-k son this year.

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    This is such an amazing package, all the reviews are phenomenal and my daughter would LOVE the rhyming book!

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    AAR looks like an excellent program. My child is in preschool, but I believe learning at home should be integral part of our lives, too.

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