YouTube for Preschoolers: A Collection of Kid-Friendly Clips for When You Need ‘Em

Bored?  Kids want to watch TV but you’re too scared of the content or even the commercials???  Don’t have time to watch a whole video or movie?  Want to allow a little screen-time, but not too much?  I know all those feelings, so I created a Pinterest board filled with kid-friendly clips, shows, and videos from YouTube so I can find something appropriate for my kids to watch that fits our time frame without a lot of time wasted surfing the web.

I still strongly recommend parental supervision and I cannot guarantee that you will find no questionable content as links can change, but at least this is a better start than randomly surfing!!

Check out my YouTube for Kids Pinterest board here.  It’s filled with educational songs, books being read aloud often by the authors themselves, and clips from television shows such as Sesame Street.

Here’s an example of a clip that’s included.  This one cracks my kids up every time, no matter how many times we watch.  Wait for it….wait for it…

This is one we really like, too, and it’s great for teaching colors.  I have to admit I thought it a teeny bit strange the first time I saw it, but was hooked after that.  The music and lyrics are so catchy and the color effects are so neat to watch!

I’m always looking to add more educational and kid-friendly content, so please leave me your preschooler’s favorite YouTube links in the comments or on Facebook!  

**If you ever find a link that doesn’t work, or has inappropriate content, please let me know so I can get it fixed or removed right away.  You can message me on Facebook, leave a comment here, or email me at inlieuofpreschool (at) gmail (dot) com. 🙂

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